Weight Loss : 21 days of menus

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21 days of menus to lose excess weight and keep it off for goodLose weight without drastic dieting, forbidden foods, health risks and, best of all, without regaining the weight you've lost! By changing your lifestyle and adopting healthy eating habits you will be able to manage your weight while enjoying the pleasures of life. This guide specifically addresses your needs and is designed to help you: Understand why you have difficulties losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight ; Realize that your weight depends not only on your diet, but also on your level of physical activity, your sleep and how you handle your emotions ; Follow simple recommendations for a healthy diet and fulfill your nutritional needs without feeling hungry ; Plan your meals and snacks following balanced daily menus Discover recipes that are tasty, simple and quick to prepare: Chicken Quesadillas, Brussels Sprout Chips, Quiche in Quinoa Crust, Marinated Salmon with Mango Salsa, Zucchini Lasagna with Seafood, Portuguese-Style Roast Chicken, Almond- Chocolate Shortcrust Pie, Date Tiramisu and more. Start enjoying the pleasure of guilt-free eating. Make your diet your partner in health!

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